ETS - Electric Thermal Storage

Heat for Less Now Program

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) systems is not new technology and has been in Europe since WW2 and in North America for over 30 years. This technology has been continuously researched and developed to give the best comfort, reliability and savings to the customers. ETS systems take unstable green energies, such as wind on PEI, and store it as heat to be used in the home at later times when there is less green energy available. For Summerside and PEI there is currently more wind energy being produced during the night than there is demand for. This means that the excess energy has to be sold to N.B.

The City of Summerside is offering a new program "Heat for Less Now" which uses ETS systems and Smart Grid technologies to store the excess wind energy in your home's heating or hot water heating systems, for you to use instead of fossil fuel or less efficient systems. Most utilities have on-peak and off-peak rates. Off peak rates are less expensive then on peak and are offered during the night. ETS systems allow you to down load this off peak energy at night when it is less expensive and use it during the day. The City of Summerside is offering a rate of $0.08/kWh as opposed to the current $0.1316/kWh rate when you purchase, lease or rent an ETS system. The .08.kwh rate gives the same energy as if you were purchasing home heating oil at $0.69/L! And the City will guarantee this price will not change for 5 years.

This program offers Marathon Hot Water heaters from Rheem. They have 2.5" or more of Envirofoam insulation around the entire tank and this Envirofoam is completely free of CFC and HCFC ozone depleting gasses. These water heaters with an ETS system use 30% more green energy than solar assisted hot water heaters, are half the price and don’t loose efficiencies in winter due to panels being cold and covered in snow. The Tanks have a seamless, molded non-metallic inner tank that can't rust or corrode; polyethylene outer jacket - resists dents and scratches that may occur during install and beyond; fibreglass tank; and recessed drain valve. The Marathon hot water heater is warranted not to leak for as long as you own your home!

These ETS units along with our hot water heaters are charged with wind energy. Using wind energy greatly reduces the eco-footprint of a homes heating system and in some cases 5.5 tons or more CO2 emissions, can be eliminated just with a single room heater!

These ETS systems are environmentally friendly and will save the home owners money. The energy coming from our ETS systems is equivalent to buying your home heating oil at $0.69/L and we guarantee our rebated $0.08/kWh price for 5 years.