The City of Summerside has established Bylaws to promote smart growth and effective use of land and infrastructure over long and short terms. These goals extend to the private and publicly-owned lands of our community. By enforcing Bylaws, and assisting property owners, builders and developers, we ensure that the land uses that may be created are orderly and following the City’s Official Plan. The following are answers to common questions about development permits including when they are required and how the application process works.


What is a development permit?

Why do you need to obtain a development permit?

When do you need a development permit?

What if I don't get a development permit?

How do you apply for a development permit?

What drawings will I need?

Drawing formats

What happens to your application?

What happens when the permit is approved?

What is the cost for a Development Permit?

What happens during the processes?

What other approvals may be required?

How can you find out more?


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