Parks and Green Space Plan 2012

A copy of the approved plan can be found here

A copy of the accompanying map is available here

The planning team provides planning and development services to ensure a healthy and sustainable community through:

  • the development of an official plan and land use bylaws
  • the involvement of citizens in the development process
  • the innovative application of planning theory and technology.

There is an Official Plan, Zoning Bylaw (SS-15), Subdivision/Site Development Bylaw (SS-19) and Building Bylaw (SS-09), that regulate land use and site specific conditions such as setbacks from property lines, lot sizes etc.

The team is also responsible for the City’s Heritage Bylaw (SS-20). Working with the Wyatt Heritage Group and the City of Summerside Heritage Committee, potential heritage homes are identified, researched and, if the property owners approve, designated as heritage homes on the official heritage list.

The day-to-day activities of this section include:

  • Developing and amending the official plan and zoning bylaws (zones) and (Zoning Map)
  • Developing secondary and area plans required to implement the official plan
  • Providing advice to the Technical Services Committee (Planning Board) and Council on planning issues