The City of Summerside water system includes 10 active wells and 2 storage towers, as well as a magnificant network of underground piping.  The wells and towers have been plotted on a map which you can open using the link below:


The City of Summerside Water Utility provides fresh potable water to all residential and commercial customers as well as water for fire protection (through both Fire Hydrants and building sprinkler systems). 

Our water undergoes rigourous testing at the Provincial Analytical Laboratory.  As a rule of thumb:

Multiple Samples Tested for Bacteria (E. Coli, Total Coliforms, and Background Bacteria) every two weeks

Multiple Samples Tested for Nitrate Levels every two weeks

Samples from each and every well tested for General Chemical Analysis on a yearly basis

Samples from each and every well tested for Detailed Chemical Analysis every 3 years

Please take a few moments to read our 2011 water system report.  You will learn about the successful testing program we carried out in 2011. 





2012 Summerside Water System Report 2012.pdf