I have no water!

There are a variety of reasons why a  house or business may have an outage to its water service from time to time.  The first step you should take if you have no water is to phone us at 432-1268 to find out if there are emergency repairs occurring in your area which may have forced us to temporarily turn off your water for a few hours so that crews can safely and properly repair a broken water line. 

If there is no City work occurring in your area but you still have no water you will probably need to hire a plumber to investigate the problem.  The two most common reasons why a building mysteriously loses water service are:

1) A pipe in the basement or inside a wall has frozen if the water outage occurs during cold weather

2) Someone has closed a valve inside the building and forgotten to open it again. 

Water Breaks

From time to time underground water pipes can develop leaks for many reasons - old age of pipes, the freeze-thaw cycle of winter weather, or a variety of other reasons.  If you see water that seems to be leaking out from the ground please contact our Municipal Services department at 432-1268.  One of our trained water system operators will evaluate the situation and come up with a plan for the best way to deal with the leak. 

What if the leak is inside my property line?

Sometimes the water line connecting your house or business to the City system can develop a leak.  City staff can temporarily turn the water off to your property to determine if the leak is on your side or the City's side of the shut off valve.  If the leak is on your side you will be responsible for the cost of repair work and you will have to hire a contractor to do the repair work for you.  If you think your property may have an underground water leak please call us at 432-1268 and we will help you determine if the problem is inside your property line or not.