As shown in our Water Facts article the City of Summerside uses ground water from 10 wells to supply our water utility with fresh, clean drinking water. 

In order to protect our water resource we adhere strictly to the Atlantic Canada Guidelines for the Supply, Treatment, Storage, Distribution, and Operation of Drinking Water Supply Systems.  You can download a copy of the guidelines here to read:


You might also be interested in learning more about what the province of PEI has to say about water protection.  Below is a link to the PEI Environmental Protection Act Drinking Water and Wastewater Facility Operating Regulations.  The City of Summerside adheres strictly to these regulations:


Water protection for the City of Summerside includes basic security measures around all well pumping stations.  We also take care to protect our valuable water resource by dealing with any old un-used wells as described in the PEI Regulations.