Did you know that all storm drains eventually lead to the sea?  Please help us keep our Harbour clean - never put garbage or chemicals in the storm drain!

Our storm drain system has an important job to do - it takes away most of the rainwater and melted snow from our streets.  From time to time there will be problems with the storm drain system which our crews will need to address.  If you think you see a storm drain problem please use our online form http://city.summerside.pe.ca/municipal-services/contact-information/ to let us know about it. 

Please include:

  • Your name and phone number
  • A very specific explanation of where the problem is

Our friendly staff will do their best to investigate the problem and if necessary repair the storm drain as soon as possible. 

On a regular schedule our crews remove silt and sand from storm drains to keep them working their best.  So if you see our crew out with their flashing orange roof lights please slow down and drive safe!

Kids - get mom or dad to print this picture out so you can colour it!