Sewer Backup:

If you are experiencing a sewer backup:

1) Contact the City and tell them you are having a sewer backup.  During work hours (7:30 to 4:30 Monday to Friday) you should call 432-1268 to report a backup.  After hours please call the Police Department at 432-1201 to report a sewer backup - they will be happy to contact the Sewer Operator on call to help you with your backup.  The City will come and clean the sewer main along your street at no charge to you.  It is important to have this done before opening the sewer clean out inside your house. 

2) If cleaning of the City Sewer Main does not solve your sewer backup problem, then you will have to hire a plumber and have them clean out your sewer lateral line, all the way from your house out to the City Sewer Main. 

3) The City offers sewer lateral video inspection services at a rate of $50/hour when performed during regular working hours.  To schedule a sewer video please contact Municipal Services at 432-1268.  Please note that video inspection will only be effective if you have recently had a plumber clean your sewer lateral. 

4) Remember that Summerside City By-Law requires each and every sewer line to have a backwater valve (sometimes called a check valve or a back flow preventer).  If you are not sure if you have a backwater valve or if your backwater valve is working properly please hire a qualified plumber to inspect your piping system for you. 

Tips for Preventing Sewer Backup:

1) Nothing should ever be flushed down your toilet except human waste and toilet paper.  Paper towels, leftover food, greasey food waste, garbage, female hygene products, and baby wipes are all flushing no-no's which have caused backup trouble for other customers in the past.  YOU are responsible for everything which is flushed in your home!

2) Tree Roots can grow in through connections in older pipe systems and cause blockages in the sewer pipe beneth your front lawn.  If you suspect tree root trouble you may want to consider having a video inspection performed. 

3) if you suspect sewer trouble do not hesitate to contact the city and report a sewer backup or slow sewer - it is better to address problems early before they turn into a major flood!

4) As stated above, make sure you have a properly working Backwater Valve.  If you are unsure if you have a backwater valve or are unsure if it is working properly please hire a plumber to inspect your home for you.  City By-Law require a working backwater valve on all sewer lines - no exceptions!