So you need water and sewer service to your property: 

The best place to start is to contact the folks at the City Technical Service department on the thrid floor of City Hall.  They can be reached by phone at 432-1262.  They can take you through the process of applying to have your property serviced with water and sewer as well as explain the rates you will be charged.  Sometimes the process can take a little while so it's best to plan ahead and talk to our Tech. Services department early. 

All services must be installed to City Standards and Specifications.  You may obtain a detailed copy of our Specifications from our Engineers at Technical Services.  Please note that no excavation within the roadway will be allowed for any reason outside of the time when the asphalt plant is open (meaning no new services during the winter). 

Will I need a water meter?

In the City of Summerside we do require water meters to be installed on all commercial buildings.  Single family dwellings are NOT required to have a water meter. 

If you are building a new commercial building a water meter will be provided to you by the City at no cost to you.  It will be your responsibility to have this meter installed by a qualified plumber.  You are required to pay for the installation costs.  It is strongly encouraged that you also have your plumber install a remote meter reading terminal so that our meter reader can obtain your information each month without having to enter your building. 

Who pays for the other costs of installing a service?


The cost of installing underground piping is paid by the property owner in the case of commercial developments. 


For residential installations all work inside the property line is the responsibility of the owner.  Costs of bringing the services to the property line from the City's main lines will sometimes be the City's responsibility and sometimes be the property owner's, depending on the specific area you are building a home in.  It is best to contact Technical Services at 432-1262 to determine what your situation is and what costs you will be responsible for. 

First Turn On:

Like all other water turn ons, the first turn on after construction must be scheduled through the Financial Department on the first floor of City Hall.  Please note that we require 2 working days notice to book a water turn on.