Don't Panic Municipal Services is Here to Help!!!!!!

Below are some tips on how to get through some emergency situations and how we can help you get through the event in the easiest way possible.

Ever experience a power outage, see this link Tips_for_a_Power_Outage.pdf.

Ever experience a water outage, see this link Tips_for_a_Water_Outage.pdf

Ever experience a sewer backup or flood, see this link Sewage_Water_in_my_Home.pdf

Ever get frustrated and worried during a snow storm that emergency services cannot arrive to your home, see this link Snow_Storm_Emergency_Services.pdf.

A good website for emergency plaaning for different events is the link below: Public Safety Canada Website on Emergency Preparedness

Snow storm clearing is expected to be completed within 6 hours of snow stopping.  Please be patient. Do not panic, make plans for that period of time before you will see a plow in your area.