Your New Business Plans

By letting the City of Summerside know what electrical services you will need, we can help you make the construction of your new place of business a smooth process.

Criteria For Setting Up a New Service

The following are the questions we will ask you to have answer for your new electrical service.

  • Have you contacted the Technical Services Department to understand the building permit process?
  • Do you have power service with us now?
  • What name should the power go in?
  • Who will be paying the charges?
  • Who is your electrician?
  • What is the location of the service?
  • Is the lot staked where the building will be?
  • Will you need both temporary and permanent service?
  • What type of service are you setting up today?
  • Are you going to have electric heat? 100 or 200 amp service? Single or 3 phase?
  • Are you having overhead or underground power lines?
  • Do you have a building permit number? If so, what is it?

Helpful Hints

  • Contact Summerside Electric early into the construction planning process.
  • Always use the name under which your new account will be set up. This will prevent duplications and result in a more efficient planning effort.
  • An accurate description of the location of the new place of business is essential. This should include the street address and lot number.

Ask your Electrician

Know the Answer to the following Questions! Your electrician can help answer them:

  • Will you need both temporary and permanent service?
  • Is there a power line currently running by your property?
  • How far is your home from the power line?
  • What size of electrical entrance are you planning?
  • Are you planning to have underground facilities?
  • Have your electrical contractor arrange for a “Wiring Permit” through the Electrical Inspection Division of the Department of Community Affairs. For safety reasons, Summerside Electric requires the approved wiring permit to schedule your service for connection.

The Process Steps:

1.  Get a building permit number from Technical Services department.

2.  Coordinate your build through your electrical contractor or professional engineer who will coordinate with us.  Understand the costs for this electrical service up front from your electrical contractor or professional engineer.

3.  Make sure your electrical contractor obtains an electrical pass/permit and send it in to us.

4.  Make sure you visit City Hall to set up an account for every meter installation or service.  Make sure you leave City Hall with an account number for this service and ask them to send it to us.