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Summerside Electric is currently running engines to support Island load today as the undersea cable repairs continue and the On-Island Wind Farms have very little wind to produce energy!!!!

Summerside Electric would ask all Islanders and Consumers of Electricity to be mindful of their electricity use!!!!

If we all take care to reduce our electricity needs on the Island than it will save us all monies in the repair of the undersea cable!!!!

Summerside Electric this week is covering over the graffiti on its electrical transformers in the downtown core.  If you see a transformer with graffiti on it please drop us a line at 902-432-1268 or use the contact form here!

The City of Summerside has finished the roadways for asphalt patching for the season.  If you see areas that need attention please let us know at 902-432-1268.

Heat for Less Now Brochure

Published on Wednesday July 4th, 2012

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