The city took first place in the Atlantic Business Magazine's corporate social responsibility awards, in the category of small business up to 500 employees.

Highlighted were Summerside's wind power initiative, which supplies about 27 per cent of the city's electricity, and its wastewater treatment facility, which is the only plant in Atlantic Canada that removes 95 per cent of solids from the water to produce grade-A fertilizer.

"There's no question we're very honoured to receive the award. It sort of came as a surprise," said Summerside Mayor Basil Stewart.

"You know, we work hard here in the city trying to do the best we can, and everything doesn't always work out, as we know, but we keep trying."

The award also praised the city's decision to install smart grid technology that will tie together the city's fibre-optic network with windpower and in-home heating. However, there is still debate as to who will pay for the $7-million project.

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