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Safety - Prevention - Readiness - Response - Rescue

Emergencies: 911 - regular contact: (902) 432-1224

The Summerside Fire Department

Fire can be the cause of human tragedy and great property ruin. Both simple mistakes in our daily routines and malfunctions in our household appliances can be the cause of life-changing loss. Our fire department is dedicated to the prevention of unsafe handling of fire and emergency response in the case of an accident. Directed by Chief Jim Peters, our fire-fighters are divided into two stations in different parts of our city.

Summerside Fire Station

The Summerside station is directed by Deputy Chief Tom Peters and boasts of 38 men, 3 fire engines, 1 85-foot aerial ladder, a 1991 Emergency Response equipped with the Jaws of Life, airbags, medical equipment and other rescue tools, and a 4x4 SUV used as the chief's vehicle. The Summerside station has a top-of-the-line Jordair compressed air filling station, ice and water rescue craft equipped with rope and mustange ice rescue suit. Every vehicle is equipped with 5 SCBAs, stokes basket and extra air bottles. The Summerside station also has several pieces of antique fire apparatus including Summerside's first motorized engine -a 1930 chemical truck-, a 1931 Ford Ladder Truck equipment with wooden ladders, a 1883 Steam pumper and 1800s hand pumper.

St. Eleanor's Station

The St. Eleanors' station operates under Station Chief Jim Blaquiere and is staffed by 22 Firefighters and exuipped with a 2007 combination pumper/tanker truck and a rescue vehicle equipped with Jaws of Life, air bags, medical equipment, SCBAs and extra air bottles.

Fighting fire with awareness and prevention is everyone's job.

Jim Peters, Chief of Summerside Fire Department