City Council recently adopted a new collections policy to ensure the timely collection of the City's outstanding accounts.  The purpose of this letter is to advise all residents of the processes that will be followed in cases when customers do not fulfill their payment obligations.

The City appreciates that by far, the vast majority of City residents pay their accounts on time, and in full.  However, in cases whereby residents do not fulfill their payment obligations, the City may disconnect the service. 

 The following timeline and notifications will be followed prior to disconnection.  This timeline is also listed in the application form when signing up for a utility account:

  • For accounts with a past due amount greater than 10 days, the customer is notified in writing that they have 14 days to either make a payment in full, or to make payment arrangements.
  • If after the 14 days have expired and no payment or payment arrangement has been made, the customer is again notified in writing that their account has been classified Disconnection Pending.  A payment or payment arrangements must be made within 14 days.
  • If after the second notice period elapses and there is still no payment or payment arrangement made, the account will be scheduled for immediate disconnection.

If customers are not able to make payment in full, they will be expected to comply with a payment arrangement, the terms of which will be approved by Financial Services.  An arrangement may include an obligation to prepay an amount in advance, for anticipated service costs in the immediate future, for example up to 15-30 days.

If a payment arrangement is not adhered to and the Department of Financial Services has not been notified of a payment being missed, disconnection will take place without further notice.   

For customers who are tenants of a property and are responsible to have the utilities in their name, please be advised that the landlord may be notified if your account becomes in arrears.

While the City undertakes to make every reasonable effort to deliver such notice (including registered mail), non-receipt of such notice will not cause deferral of the scheduled cut-off.

We thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any questions concerning this policy, please contact the Financial Services Department at 902-432-1230.