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News from Financial Services

2017 Budget

Published on Monday January 23rd, 2017

~ by Financial Services

The City of Summerside’s 2017 Budget was presented and approved on January 23, 2017.

Specific highlights of the City’s $49 million 2017 Budget include:

A general fund balanced budget for the City of Summerside, for the 22nd consecutive year.

  • A $49 million budget for 2017: General Government - $22 million and Utility Budget - $27 million.
  • Electricity rates were adjusted up by 2.3 percent on March 1st, 2017 to stay in line with Maritime Electric’s rates.
  • The rates for water and sewer service will be adjusted up effective February 1, 2017 by $1.18 per month for residential households and by the same percentage for metered customers.  This rate adjustment is necessary to enable current and future enhancements to water and sewer infrastructure.  The combined water and sewer rate will continue to compare favorably to rates in other Island municipalities.
  • Outdoor recreation facilities remain FREE.
  • Lighting at outdoor recreation facilities remains FREE.
  • Credit Union Place pre-school skates remain FREE.
  • Recreation programs fees up 6%.
  • No increase in property tax rates.
  • Support for Downtown Summerside of $67,160 to supplement their Business Improvement Levy.
  • We have committed donations of $400,000 to various community organizations within the City.
  • We have allotted $3.4 million for infrastructure and equipment improvements which includes:
    • $2.2 million for street and storm water upgrades
    • $366,000 for sidewalk repairs and new sidewalks
    • $130,000 for police and fire equipment and infrastructure
  • The City will devote $1.1 million to the Sewer Utility for capital improvements.
  • The City will devote $2.3 million to the Water Utility for capital improvements.
  • The City will devote almost $4.6 million to the Electric Utility for capital improvements.
  • 2017 Honorariums for Mayor and Council will include a 2% cost of living adjustment.
  • General Fund long term debt will decrease by $1.7 million.

You can find the 2017 Budget by clicking on this link City of Summerside 2017 Budget