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Small city. Big opportunity.

The Economic Development Excellence of Summerside

We are a small city with big ambition, big ideas and big opportunity. With our low-cost operating environment, highly-skilled workforce and aggressive incentive packages for business, Summerside is quickly becoming the "city to watch" for growth and investment in Atlantic Canada.

Why Invest in Summerside?


  • A loyal and skilled workforce: Some of the lowest employee turnover in North America
  • A low-cost operating environment as identified by KPMG in its international rankings
  • The Island lifestyle: Offering a quality of life focused on recreation, wellness and balance
  • Big city ambition and amenities: Hospitals, schools, green technologies and infrastructure

Our Low Cost Operating Environment

We have one of the lowest operating environments in the Maritimes which makes for a strong and stable bottom line. Summerside has the lowest commercial/industrial rates for any City on PEI and in addition offers substantial property tax incentives for new development. Our Electric Utility provides rate incentives for business along with innovative energy conservation programs.

Availability of Potential Sites

We have an abundance of Greenfield/Developed Shovel Ready sites that would be suitable for initial development and future expansion opportunities, and boasts tax-free zones and further planned tax-free business parks. Over 596 acres of land have been designated for industrial development, with an average price of $12,000 per acre.

Access To Transportation

The City has a fully serviced airport, fully serviced port facility and strategically located close to the confederation bridge providing export companies with ease to market

Access To Municipal Services

Summerside operates a state of the art Electric Utility, water and sewer services providing ready and expandable capabilities for company's

Growing Community

Our population and business base continues togrow and diversify its economic sectors, including Health IT, Advanced Manufacturing, Food Processing, Green Technologies and Aerospace

A Technology Advanced Community

Investments in strategic telecommunications assets and technology have made Summerside a place where technology plays a leading edge role. Our fibre to the home, smart grid and smart meter programs are some of our recent investments to provide business with the technology they need.

Access to Green Technology

The City is the only municipality in North America that owns its own electric utility and provides its residents with 46% of their energy consumption through green wind energy. In addition we have systems in place to lower utility costs through off peak storage solutions and innovative energy conservation techniques providing companies with the opportunity to promote their products and operations in a real "Made Green" Solution.

The Right People

The area is home to 16 universities, community and private colleges, providing one of Canada's most talented regional workforces. Wage levels are extremely competitive and businesses in Summerside find that they are able to retain outstanding employees with high productivity at a lower cost. For example, the wages for computer technicians in PEI are one third less than many jurisdictions. Our people are known for their work ethic, their reliability and their commitment to volunteerism.

The Perfect Test Market

With our relative market size and varying climate we are the perfect test bed for companies wishing to test assumptions and do live market tests in a number of areas including green technology, transportation, connectivity and data/video communication and so much more.

Our Offer

    Lower operating costs
  1. Skilled and available workforce
  2. World-class infrastructure
  3. Government support

We have a dedicated team of professionals that will work with companies to ensure their success. Contact us today to learn more about the exciting opportunities to grow

Michael Thususka Ec.D.
Director Economic Development
City of Summerside
275 Fitzroy Street
Summerside, PE C1N 1H9
Direct Line: (902)432-1255
Mobile: (902)432-0103
Facsimile: (902)436-9296