City Parks

The City of Summerside maintains 24 designated park areas within its boundaries. These parks provide citizens and visitors safe well maintained areas for broad range of leisure and sporting activities. City parks are classified into categories including; Playgrounds, Outdoor Sporting Facilities, Passive Parks and Natural Parks.


Park Hours – 6am – 9pm


Playgrounds- All City playgrounds are for the enjoyment of youth from the ages of 2 -15, inspected and maintained under current CSA Standards. Amenities at each of our playground areas include; swings, climbing structures, slides, park benches, spring toys, benches and Picnic Tables. In three of our playgrounds water features are also available during the summer months.



Fairview Park

Centennial Park

Crescent Park

Maplewood Heights Park

NotreDame Park

Hillcrest Park

Harvard Street Park

Tower Street park

Legere Park

Blue Bell Park

Queen Elizabeth Park

Wilmot Park

Lefurgy Park

Meadow Heights Park




Passive Parks- Whether looking for a place to reflect or enjoy nature, these areas are populare to all who visit them.


Memorial Park


Jennifer Street Park


Hilson Point Park


Heather Moyse Heritage Park