Credit Union Place Walking Track offers all users a three lane rubberized surface for walking and running. The track is 249.6 meters in length and offers users a great temperature controlled environment to be active all year round.


Walking Track Hours

  • 6am – 9pm Monday to Friday
  • 7am-9pm Saturday
  • 9am - 9pm Sunday


Walking Track Closures

Walking Track Open Hours are Subject to Change
For information on Walking Track closures please call 902 432 1234


Credit Union Place Kilometer Club

The Kilometer Club is designed for all ages and was created as an incentive for the community to use the track and increase their health.
Program cost is $27.50 (taxes incl.) for a yearly membership. Participants record their daily kilometers in an attempt to reach 50km month. Those users that have walked 50km in the month are entered into a draw for a great monthly prize.


A friendly reminder to walking and running track users: For the comfort and safety of all users we will be changing the directional signage around the track every Thursday. This is to avoid the onset of repetitive strain injuries that can result from walking/jogging in the same direction over time.


Thanks and keep on stepping!!