The City of Summerside has the authority to enact bylaws under the City of Summerside Act [PDF]. Below you will find, in numerical order, electronic versions of the City of Summerside bylaws for your convenience and personal use. The City strives to ensure these versions of the bylaws are as accurate as possible; however, where accuracy is critical, please consult official sources. Inquiries should be forwarded to the Director of Human Resources & Legal Affairs and can be made here:

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SS-01 - Water & Sewer Bylaw

SS-02 - Rules of Procedure Bylaw

SS-03 - Council Remuneration Bylaw

SS-04 - Committee Bylaw

SS-05 - Licensing Bylaw

SS-06 - Places of Amusement Bylaw

SS-07 - Traffic and Parking Bylaw

SS-08 - Animal Control Bylaw

SS-09 and SS-09-01 - Building Bylaw and Regulations

SS-10 - Right-Of-Way Bylaw

SS-12 - Emergency Measures Bylaw

SS-15 - Zoning Bylaw

SS-16 - Local Improvement Bylaw

SS-17 - Firearm Bylaw

SS-18 - Dangerous, Hazardous & Unsightly Premises Bylaw

SS-19 - Subdivision and Site Development

SS-20 - Heritage Bylaw

SS-21 - Taxi Bylaw

SS-22 - Nuisance Bylaw

SS-23 - Municipal Parks Bylaw

SS-24 - Staffing Bylaw

SS-25 - Tourism Accommodation Levy Bylaw

SS-26 - Borrowing Bylaw

SS-27 - Elections Bylaw

SS-28 - Combative Sports Commission Bylaw

SS-29 - Administration Bylaw

SS-30 - Cosmetic Pesticide Bylaw and Regulations